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Complaining 1 - Easy Chinese | 情绪的表达 1 - 易捷汉语

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Easy Chinese is a series of practical and intensive Chinese learning courses that are developed specifically for adult Chinese learners. The online APP version of Easy Chinese utilizes 11 themes, which include 7 – 9 units for each theme with live-action videos, simulated dialogues, and role playing games, as well as practical, intelligible culture tips, which covers nearly all the topics needed for daily communication. The APP helps learners to swiftly master the most authentic practical Chinese, to learn about the fundamentals of Chinese culture, and to solve various linguistic difficulties frequently faced by learners of the Chinese language.

《易捷汉语》-“情绪的表达 1”为《易捷汉语》情感表达篇之一。
Easy Chinese – Complaining 1 is one of the lessons from the theme of Express one's feeling
Focus of the lesson:
1. Expressing complaints using the structures "有点儿+adj. " and "adj.+死了"
2. Expressing dissatisfaction with other people's words and deeds using the structure "请不要…… " (Please don't ...)
3. Cultural Tip: emotional outbursts of the Chinese

课程体例:2-3 Talk + 1 Role Play+1 Cultural Tip
Product Information:
Course format: 2-3 Talks + 1 Role Play Dialogue + 1 Cultural Tip
Live-action videos of 2 – 3 minutes in length
Chinese, Pinyin and Englishsubtitles
Simulated dialogues and role playing exercises
Suggested learning time: 40-45 min.
《易捷汉语》DVD(含图书+ MP3)(

Product Features:
Survival Chinese guidebook with coverage for every type of Chinese context
Rich and practical learning themes
Focus on listening and speaking skills, learning through practice and repetition
Emphasis on applications and communication, as well as the understanding of Chinese culture
Fragmented learning modes to enable learners to study anytime they wish
Satisfies individual learning needs with a flexible curriculum design
Complete supplementary resources include:
Easy Chinese online Course (
Easy Chinese DVD (book + MP3) (
Easy Chinese APP online version

Easy Chinese –“3 in 1” fast-track Chinese training program: Chinese learning + professional learning + internship and employment guidance.