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Dino Hunting Sniper Mission 3D

iPhone / iPad
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Get ready for the Dino sniper hunting mission to finish off deadly wildest Dinos as they are waiting to cause the causalities. The best Dino hunting mission 3d game which you have ever wished to play. Hunt in hillside jungle, Jurassic world where you can’t go in real life. Take out your autoloader sniper 3d gun wild deadly dinosaurs are no more in dungeon, hungry for bods. Show them your hunting skills in this courageous Dino Sniper Hunting Mission 3D game with professional sniper shooting gun in adventures dinosaur safari.

Mission of dinosaur hunter is began, chase dangerous and killer Dino. Hunter take the aim and shoot most carnivore Dino. Select destructive weapons such as assault rifles, shotguns, snipers and you have many other six-guns with new vision. Target most wanted terrifying t-rex king of dinosaurs, killing vicious Dino is the most horrifying and dangerous part in hunting safari. You have fully functional loaded shooting guns. Hunt most ferocious predators and test your precise hunting skills, time to show your stamina. Face the world’s mightiest, killer and oldest creatures that ever lived. Attack and dead down furious beasts until they reach to their final destination or perish forever and become their meal. Huntsman aspect advance hunting challenges and risky missions.

You are a Dino hunter! Encounter Jurassic beast and brutal predator Dino in deadly shores or in Jurassic island, practice to take accurate gunshots and headshots of your target. Enjoy wilderness in Jurassic environments Hunt the carnivore’s monster dinosaur. Make maximum shoots in Dino sniper hunting mission with sniper shooter 3d gun and defend yourself. Enjoy the ultimate adventure of your hunting & hazardous shooting mission. Best hunt will always glorify the hunter. The most thrilling and extreme adventure mission of hunting-sniper shooting in Jurassic era.

Why Should I Play Dino Sniper Hunter?
You are experienced of hunting in Jurassic time as you are a hunt lover but this is the best Dino Sniper Hunting Mission 3D free game. Hunt or be hunted! Hunt cruel creature and complete this hunting safari with various missions. Feel dynamic shadow, target kill and create dinosaur boneyard.

Game Features
√ EPIC Jurassic Models
√ Adventurous and Challenging Sniper Hunting Missions
√ 3D Dinosaurs like Velociraptor & Trex
√ Best Graphics & Amazing Sound Effects
√ Real Time Jurassic Environment
√ Interesting & New Missions