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TennisTap is an App that follows two players rallying or playing point allowing to measure number of statistical data in the training session. Observer/coach that is next to the tennis court enters the input into the app taps at the precise moment the player strikes the ball. Observer, tries to be as accurate as possible with the timing of each tap and the location of the player on the court, so the system can calculate the speed and tempo.

The system has a player database module in which user can enter new player or access existing player
At the start of the Drill Tap system asks to select 2 players from the list or create a new one.
The user can enter two names & start to play. They can swap the sides (and there is a button that allows to swap) or automatically after 1st game and then after each 2 games.
The screen is in landscape mode with both players on either side.
The app is used by the observer/coach tapping screen with the finger.
User can define in the Settings if the player is right or left handed
Generally for right handed player forehand is on the right side of the court and backhand on the left, however system will record forehands on the left side if the user swipes the finger towards the center of the court. Similarly backhand can be recorded on the right side of the court if the user swipes the finger towards the center of the court while tapping.
The ending shots: errors or winning shots require tapping additionally at the top of the screen.
This final tap (not reflecting the shot but following the last shot) ends the point & coach/observer inputs additional entry referring to the characteristic of that last shot.
In the drills settings there is a list of existing drills or ability to create a new drill. Drill contains Name, Description & position of players (baseline or net)
For Speed & Tempo calculation the end shot is not considered & deducted automatically from the rally to achieve correct speed & tempo results.