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The Great Lin Yutang

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This is the first biography of Lin Yutang in prose form in China.
Lin Yutang is a writer and scholar who is deeply influenced by western culture in recent centuries and contributes a lot to the promotion of Chinese traditional culture to the world.

His works of My Country and My People and The Art of Life have been published in different languages and have been popular with readers all over the world. Some westerners who have little knowledge about China know China very well after knowing Lin Yutang. Then they know more about Chinese splendid and glamourous culture after knowing well about China.
He is the first person who “with two feet on both Chinese and western culture, but only gives unique reviews on articles in the world”.
He was commented as the other Chinese literati well-known by westerners except for Confucius.

Mr Lin Yutang introduced the Chinese culture with a long history in a common way to the rest of the world. Meanwhile, his idea, character, temperament and hobbies are all multiple.

He once showed his self-evaluation like this: “My strong point is that I can tell Chinese culture to foreigners while I tell the Chinese foreign culture”.
It will interpret the true Lin Yutang in a brand-new perspective and will reproduce the true ideas and poem works of literati in the period of May Fourth Movement. The exquisite production, the true stories and the super cool reading experiences will take you to know a true Lin Yutang.

【Characteristics of the app】

100 valuable pictures
2 video of Lin Yutang’s life
Latest interactive and three-dimensional reading experience

【Customer reviews】

Lin Yutang is naturally upright, unswerving and simple. If he was born in USA, he would have gained success in literature, but also would have won victory in career. He would be peerless and can be compared with Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
——Yu Dafu
Recently I am reading these versatile talented people during the period of the Republic of China (1912-1949)and I am really feeling dizzy. Then an application on Lin Yutang suddenly appeared and it was really a big help.
——Niu Daniu
Many materials including the precious photographs of the life and work of Lin Yutang and his videos are competitive in price and well worth possessing.
——Pearl White

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