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QeeQoo1-Bubble Splashing(Full)

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To my dear family, YaYa & QiQi~~
In a green planet Gliese 581c of Libra, the galaxy, there are a group of wisdom lives. “QeeQoo!QeeQoo!”, they always cheer and greet each other like this, so we call them “QeeQoo”. They live on the beautiful planet peacefully and happily.
Until one day, a lot of spacecrafts land on the planet suddenly, and giant alien robots come down from the spacecrafts. They attack and expel adult QeeQoos. Little QeeQoos are caught into bubbles. These bubbles float up to the air. At the same time, the cabin doors at the bottom of the spacecrafts are opened and little QeeQoos are sucked into the spacecrafts. At the critical moment, who can save these kids?
In this game, you need to look for an opportunity to trigger a chain reaction between bubbles with one click. Try to save more little QeeQoos as possible with your wisdom and luck.

Function and features
**Show you a complete game story with the exquisite cartoon. We will show you what the QeeQoo race has experienced in the series of games, this is the beginning!
**Various of QeeQoo with special abilities+ various of bubbles with different properties + various of game props, make you create your own pass mode!
**The original language of QeeQoo is lovely and interesting. With it, you can talk with your intimate lover and friends privately!
**In the story mode, there are 3 parts , 45 challenging levels totally!
**In the challenge mode, you must try to advance with your wisdom and luck!
**There are 10 different achievement awards, try your best to achieve achievements and get them!

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