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Cool math for kids

practice math with fun!

** recommended for **
・I am weak in mathematics, and a grade does not improve
・I want to wear the basics as examination measures!
・I want to acquire speed and the concentration of the calculation!
・In a brain training!
・Though I concentrate a game, and it is possible even how many hours, the study cannot readily concentrate on it.

It can be repeated while enjoying repeated practice necessary for the skill of the calculation by a shooting game.
While I do not know it without knowing it although being a pleasure, a calculation of the arithmetic is a game becoming proud.
Even if it is a high school student, a junior high student even if it is an adult, I begin with the simple calculation, and it is without weak point consciousness by starting from the comfortable place.

[about arithmetic]
I hear it by a class and intend to understand the way and do not do it well when I really calculate either.
It is thought to be caused by the fact that the degree of achievement of the calculation is short in many cases.

For example, in fact, power of the subtraction may be short even if I think that I am weak in division.
It is more likely to be possible for arithmetic, mathematics by acquiring basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, a calculation power of the division.

[rule of the game]
Because I become able to advance to the next step if I come in an all the problems correct answer correct answer before standard time, I can Let the level that is just right for oneself master It surely!

I arrange the standard time and can wear the calculation that I mastered enough by repeating repeated practice to come to be able to do it before time.