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Kung Fu Jack - Punch and Kick Your Way to Glory

iPhone / iPad
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  • Arcade
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Can you save the world from evil ninjas?

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to protect the world! The evil ninjas have taken over, and we need you to save us! Play as either Jack, Jane or Kendo to defeat all the enemies.

The enemies come in from the left or the right, simply swipe on the screen to punch and kick your way to victory! The game features the three characters, each with their own abilities, health, power and speed. Play as all three to determine which your favorite is.

Learn a little bit about our heroes!

Kung Fu Jack was just your normal, everyday guy until the sensei found him and decided he would be the chosen one. He trained hard, and he practiced every day. Sensei was happy with how he progressed with his training. While he wasn’t a quick learner, he proved he was ready by practicing and working hard. He is dedicated, and is ready to take on this new challenge! If you don’t choose him, he won’t be heartbroken, he knows that there will be more battles to win!

Kung Fu Jane was not your average girl. She was a rebel without a cause. She did what she wanted, when she wanted, and when sensei saw that, he immediately chose her to train with him. She was a very quick learner, and in a culture where girls aren’t considered powerful, she shocked everyone that tried to attack her. Jane would be happy if you chose her. If you don’t then you better watch out and sleep with one eye open.

Kung Fu Kendo is one of the fiercest. He has trained harder than anyone, almost harder than sensei. He isn’t afraid of anything, and wears a mask to strike fear into his opponents. No one knows where sensei found him. There are rumors that he was dropped off on earth by other worldly beings, but no one knows for sure. If you choose Kendo, he will work hard for you.

Kick. Punch. Repeat.
-Kung Fu Jack.