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Robo Rover

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The object of Robo Rover is to clear each stage of all the bombs before they blow up!.

Action Button :~ Grab and drop the Bombs.
Pause Button :~ Pause or go to the main menu.
Camera Button :~ Switch Views.

Tap Arrow Up :~ Move forward faster.
Tap Arrow Down :~ Slow down/move backwards.
Hold arrow right :~ Turn right.
Hold arrow left :~ Turn left
One finger swipe right :~ Veer right.
One finger swipe left :~ Veer left.

Action Button Size :~ Switch to hide and show.
Robo Colour :~ Switch between Pearl, Aluminium and Gold.

Two finger swipe right :~ Zoom in.
Two finger swipe left :~ Zoom out.

Recharge Pack 500 :~ Buy 500 Power Packs.
Recharge Pack 2000 :~ Buy 2000 Power Packs.
Recharge Pack 6000 :~ Buy 6000 Power Packs.

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Game Aim
1. For each level, clear bombs on their corresponding colour pads.
2. Make sure it's all done in the time allowed!
3. Gain Time Bonus Points for each level, the quicker a level is finished the more points are awarded.
4. Glide over the recharge pad to power up when your power bars are low.