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PC Keyboard - PC-style typing experience (include colemak, dvorak)

iPhone / iPad
  • Utilities
  • Productivity
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PC Keyboard is a custom keyboard provides an alphanumeric keyboard to make your mobile typing experience is like typing in traditional PC. If you are tired to switch keyboard mode between alphabet and symbol, PC Keyboard can help to improve your productivity. It also includes rich functions, such as phrase input, swipe to move text cursor, vt100 key code, keyboard themes.

Available keyboard layouts list:
* QWERT (+)
* Dvorak, Dvorak Left, Dvorak Right, Dvorak Programmer (+)
* Colemak (+)
* Russian JCUKEN

+ Include alphabet only keyboard, ABC keyboard
+ Include additional numeric key buttons in alphabet keyboard, ABC+123 keyboard

1. Keyboard layout is like PC standard keyboard. (*)
2. Support shift key and caps lock key simultaneously. (*)
3. Provide arrow keys (left key and right key) to change cursor location
4. Swipe to move text cursor
5. Bash key bindings to help you change cursor location quickly. (**)
6. Keystroke repeat delay and repeat rate are configurable
7. Auto correction and auto capitalization for English
8. User defined phrase input.
9. Both iOS and user defined shortcuts
10. Support 5 keyboard themes.
11. Support VT100 mode to send VT100 key code of the special keys

Additional to normal keyboard style, PC Keyboard offers you auxiliary tools to help you type funny and friendly text message:
1. Unicode key-in tool
2. Emoticon input tool

* iPhone portrait mode can not support feature 1,2 because of screen size
** Such as Ctrl+'arrow right key' to move the cursor to the next word. Please check for the completed list.
*** Not support Bluetooth keyboard

You can change many keyboard settings without 'Full Access'. To launch the builtin settings menu, please long press space key and select [Options]. If you want to change all keyboard settings, please enable 'Full Access' for PC Keyboard.

Any comment is welcome, please mail to