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Get Your Change

iPhone / iPad
  • Finance
  • Education
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Get Your Change

Type in any amount of money and get the bills and coins for that amount. Simple and easy! No more worries about getting the right change or knowing what money to use to pay a cashier.

Do you want help with
• Counting out change,
• Knowing if you got the right change, or
• Paying with the right number of bills and coins?

No problem: Get Your Change takes care of it for you. It instantly shows how many $20s, $10s, $5s, and $1s and how many quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies make up that exact amount.

Get Your Change is also educational. Kids learning to count money can gets lots of practice and check their answers with this easy app.

The clean, awesome design and simple, easy interface make Get Your Change a breeze to use.

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Still having trouble deciding? Get Your Change is for you if you have difficulty dealing with money or making change, like people who have
• Math challenges
• Learning disabilities
• Social anxiety
• Developmental disabilities
• Intellectual disabilities
• Cognitive decline or dementia
• Lack of familiarity with US currency

or anyone who just hates to count out money.

There are of course zillions of combinations of bills and coins for various amounts of money, but displaying all of them would be a nightmare for anyone trying to get a simple answer. To keep it simple, Get Your Change shows the answer that uses the largest denominations.

You haven’t downloaded it yet? What are you waiting for? Download it FREE now!

In case you need one more reason to download Get Your Change: I created it to help my brother who, like many of us, has no love of math. This handy app opens up practical opportunities for him. It can for you, too.

Thanks for reading this far - and since you have, you know you need Get Your Change!

Download it FREE now!