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Roofers Guide - Roof Framing & Stair Calculator For Carpenters

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For roofing & framing carpenters, contractors and builders.
Leave your roofing, framing books and calculators behind.
Quick, simple to use with lots of help for every chippy.
Data is accessible within 2 touches.
No need to remember in which order to enter data - updates after each entry.
Feet, inches and fractions of an inch or Metric.


- Rafter Lengths - 6 measures - centre ridge, adjusted for 1/2 ridge,1/2 rafter with or without eaves;

- Hip/Valley Lengths - 6 measures - centre ridge, adjusted for 1/2 ridge,1/2 rafter with or without eaves;

- Cut Angles & Compound Saw Angles for rafter, hip and valley - plumb, side & seat cuts and purlins-side & down cuts;

- Template sizes for the same cuts - adjustable for different sized template;

- List of Jack Rafters (also called Creepers) lists all lengths - both Geometric (unadjusted) and Top Long Pt adjusted for hip thickness - with or without adjustment for eaves;

- Pitch in degrees (decimal) & degrees minutes;

- Rise:Run - inches in 12" or decimal ratio or percentage gradient).

- Use span or half span or just alternate between them.

- Rafter/hip lengths where one pitching plates is higher than the other - such as where part of a wall is extended to eaves and no bulkhead is used;

- Height from plate with or without adjustment for ridge;

- Area;

- Diagonal;

- Set defaults for most commonly used values;

Allows Multiple restrictions for stair values to be set at the same time!
Other than StairCalc (which is our stair only app) we do not know of an app that can do this simultaneously.
- Number and size of step risers,

- Number and size of treads, step inclines,

- Step incline,

- Stairwell opening,

- The calculations allow for situations where the overall stair rise is fixed or the stair run is fixed or both rise and run are fixed allowing maximum flexibility.

-Set restrictions (or not) on acceptable min/max values for -
Step Riser Heights(R)
Tread Depth (TD) also known as Tread Going.
Step incline values.
Also ability to apply step slope formula 2R+TD - where applicable.
Use Feet,Inches and fractions of an inch or metric.


General calculator with simple layout suitable for many building calculations not covered in the roofing or stairs tabs.

In addition to the standard decimal input it allows calculating perimeters,areas, volumes etc. directly in feet, inches & fractions or in decimal feet or decimal inches. - when required.

With scrollable on screen tape which can be emailed - notes or stored photos can to be added to the email for reference purposes.

Also allowed selection of rounding options for decimal and fractions (of an inch).

Extensive help throughout - tap ‘Help when available for initial guidance, double tap on most buttons or under settings, easy to use onsite. Information is either seen at a glance or readily accessible without having to recalculate and is no more than 2 taps away. Colours are changeable depending on glare and visual requirements.
Access alternate functions such as span or half span by Long Pressing (press and hold for a second) the span button - values change with selection. This is also available for Rise:Run, heights above plate, Area/Diagonal and selections in the Stair Tab and decimal rounding/
No need to remember in which order to enter data.

The app requires IOS7.0 or later and has been optimised for all iPhones and iPads using IOS7.0+ - in portrait mode as per the iPhone.

About The Developer
Infoguide is part of a small building firm based in Western Australia and this app was created by a former Roof Framing Carpenter for our team of carpenters. We believe it will be as helpful to other carpenters as it was for us.