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Low Orbit

iPhone / iPad
  • Games
  • Arcade
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Low Orbit is a space themed shooter with a retro pixel art graphical style.

Protect the planet from devastating asteroids and pesky aliens. Survive for as long as possible in low orbit, watch out for collisions and alien laser fire whilst fighting the planet's gravitational pull.

Low Orbit features a simple control scheme best experienced on the iPad but is still playable on smaller devices. Tap and hold on the left side of the screen to rotate left, and on the right side of the screen to rotate right. Holding down on both sides will activate your ships thrusters. Hold either fire button on the sides of the display to shoot.

Asteroids will continuously break into smaller rocks. The smaller asteroids are harder to shoot and will make manoeuvring difficult, but are worth more points. Also the larger the asteroid, the more damage it will inflict on the planet.

Large asteroids will occasionally reveal power-ups, but some may hinder you. Use a missile barrage to randomly destroy large areas of targets.

The planets gravity will cause you to burn up in the atmosphere if you don't keep using your thrusters, but be careful as it's easy to accelerate out of control.

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