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”Water bugs” is a program where you can determine the water quality in a river or stream by identifying the small creatures in the water.

Target Groups
Secondary school and gymnasium. Can also be used by families, scouts and clubs wanting to get inspiration for new adventures in Nature.

Learning challange and experience
Inquiry Based Science Education (IBSE)

Bring your iPad with ”Water bugs” to a stream or river.
The app will help you identifying the small creatures living in the water or along the bank.
”Water bugs” gives you the result of your inquiry in form of a mark for the water quality in the stream.

This edition is adapted to conditions in UK.

3 Main functions:

1. ”Water bugs” contains an encyclopedia with information on 50 different Water bugs, the interaction between them and the environment in which they live.

2. ”Water bugs” contains an interactive image-display with the Water bugs. You can ”pour” the creatures you find into a virtual bucket. When you have finished your inquiry the app will calculate the water quality and save it in the report.

3. ”Water bugs” contains a report template where you can write personal notes and take pictures of the stream and the surroundings. The report which can be saved, uploaded and printed as poster is the final product of the inquiry of ”Water bugs”.

KingoConsult ApS, idea, design and production. Approved as App Developer

Millgate House Education Ltd. (MHE), professional adaption to UK conditions

LUCUS, technical development and graphic/sound design.

Charlotte Schuldt