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Math Bulletin

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Fancy a quick revision anytime, anywhere?! Here is a comprehensive collection of Math concepts, formulae and questions based on the Singapore Secondary Math curriculum that allows you to do just that. Math bulletins, as they are called, contain the gist of every Math topic for the Secondary level. Download the free bulletins now to see how Math concepts are explained through visuals! **APP LAUNCH DISCOUNT: FREE bulletins + 50% off all remaining bulletins for a limited period! **Download the bulletins ONCE and you will continue to enjoy FREE content updates for the downloaded bulletins regularly. Bulletins can be read OFFLINE. **Bulletins consist of bite-size notes for Numbers, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Statistics and Probability. No more sifting through of your textbooks to look for a particular formula or concept. **FREE Math questions that aid in your revision! NOTE: To view the Math bulletins at the Math Store, 1. Go to iPad settings and ensure your iCloud account has been logged in and iCloud Drive is turned on. 2. Open Math Bulletin App and tap on Math Store. All free and paid Math bulletins will be readily available for download. The purpose of the iCloud login is to restore any downloaded bulletins and sync any downloaded bulletins across your iOS devices. The downloaded bulletins will NOT be stored in your iCloud. Do drop us an email at if you encounter any issues. We will get back to you as soon as we can. TOPICAL BULLETINS INCLUDE: + Math concepts with illustrations + Worked examples + Common errors OTHER BULLETINS INCLUDE: + Useful Math videos + Interesting Math sites or blogs + Fun Math games or practices + Free Math tools RESOURCES SECTION INCLUDE: + Exam-related questions + Topical questions + Higher Order Thinking questions + Real-life examples + Reflective questions HOW TEACHERS CAN USE THE RESOURCES SECTION: Questions can be easily printed or posted to social media for you to hold interesting discussions with your students. Use these questions as a guide to generate more quality and creative content from them. Get ready for a great exchange of ideas and views! HOW STUDENTS CAN USE THE RESOURCES SECTION: Try out the Math questions to test your understanding for a particular topic. For questions you need help with, feel free to print or post them on social media for further discussion with your friends and teachers! NOTEPAD TO TYPE IN: + Homework + Useful Math links + Doubts to clarify, etc. ANNOUNCEMENT – CHECK UPDATES FOR: + Content update in existing Math bulletins + New Math bulletins + New Math questions + New educational products AN INTERNET CONNECTION IS REQUIRED AT THE: + Math Store to view and download bulletins + Announcement panel to view updates + Resources section to view, print or post questions WHERE CAN I FIND MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THIS APP? Just go to and check out our SHOP and FAQs sections. There are other free educational resources on our website too!