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Do you ever wonder if you have looked at a particular star before? How many times have you viewed that star? How many of those times were successful? What was the time of year and the weather for each of those observations? What equipment did you use? What equipment or weather conditions provided the best viewing of that star? StarLog helps you answer all of these questions.

StarLog is designed for amateur and professional astronomers who want to track their observations of the night sky. You define your own equipment and tell StarLog the configuration of equipment you are using (telescope, tripod, mount, DSC, filter, eyepiece) when making observations. StarLog tags each observation with your equipment as well as current weather information. Then it allows you to analyze observations according to equipment and/or weather to determine the best viewing conditions and equipment for particular types of celestial objects.

StarLog Features:
> Delivered with a catalog of over 140,000 star objects
> See current and future weather conditions to determine when viewing will be best that night
> Create an unlimited number of viewing Sessions with an unlimited number of Observations
> Allows for multiple observers and viewing locations
> Quick lookup of objects based on names or popular catalog numbers
> Night vision and regular themes
> Filterable, sortable list of all observations with drilldown to observation detail
> Robust Statistics module which provides breakdowns of observations by equipment Configuration, Object Type and Weather metrics
> Earn points gold stars and ranking by completing specific challenges from the pre-defined list of Achievements
> Extensive general documentation and screen-specific help