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Preschool Math Class IQ - Educational Games for Toddlers and Kindergarten Kids - Learn Numbers, Counting and Spelling!

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Math For Kids is a great way for children to learn math through fun and exciting puzzles and games!

Help Princess Chloe and Kung-fu ninja monkey Mitch save the kingdom by solving these educational math based games.

A great tool for teachers and parents to help their children learn and develop their skills!

Great for kids - ages 2 to 5 years!

Educational Games - Skills Taught:
• COUNTING - Great puzzles to help your kids to develop and test their counting and problem solving skills
• NUMBERS - These games help your children to learn numbers through sounds and shapes
• SORTING - A fun way to teach your child how to find a particular number as well as identify the biggest/smallest numbers
• SPELLING - Our Math puzzles also include the numbers written as words to help kids learn both forms and improve their counting skills
• SEQUENCES - Select the missing magical book from the sequence
• ORGANIZING - Help your children distinguish between which plates have the 'most' and 'least' delicious cakes!

Educational Games
Crystal Counter - A fun math game for kids where they must count how many times the magic crystal flashes

Biggest Number - This is a challenging counting game where you and your child must find the biggest number!

Finding Items - Mitch and Chloe need your math skills to help count and find four of their Karate trophies?

Magic Number Square - You and your children must find the missing number from the magic number square!

Magic Books - Which book number is missing from the sequence?

Party Balloons - A fun counting game where Mitch needs your help to count and pop some balloons for his party!

Magic Number Soup -A great sorting puzzle where you must find a particular number in the magic number soup…delicious!

The 'Least' Snacks - Can you find which plate has the least amount of delicious cakes.

Math Bookshelf - An educational puzzle where the numbers are written as words and kids must find the number Mitch and Chloe are looking for.

Matching Numbers - A memory game where you must remember numbers on cards and try to find the corresponding matching card!

The Magic Math Safe - Tap on the microphones to hear number being sounded out - you must then enter the code into the safe to unlock the royal treasure!

The 'Most' Snacks - Can you find which plate has the most amount of delicious cakes

Ninja Numbers - Ninjas have invaded the castle! Enter the number code to stop them!

Smallest Number - This is fun and challenging counting game where you and your child must find the smallest number!

Magic Vines - Here we have magical vines that grow numbers! Can you find the item that is not a number?

The Royal boxes - Use your awesome math skills to help Mitch and Chloe sort through these boxes and find the items they are looking for!

Recommended for
• 2-5 year olds
• Preschool / Kindergarten / School
• Children (and parents!) who like fun and exciting puzzles and games!