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Learn to Sight Read Music Notes

  • Music
  • Education
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"Learn to Sight Read Music Notes"will help beginners learn the letter names for notes on the bass and treble clef.This is a perfect tool for people learning music.

This app is also ideal for teachers looking for supplement their lesson plans with systematic practice. Solidifying a foundation in note reading increases beginners' ability to grasp more complicated musical concepts and reduces frustration further down the road.


• Displays a random note on the musical staff and you tap the correct letter/key.

• Change to either treble or bass clef by tapping the clef

• Three Note Names Mode:CDEFGAB, CDEFGAH, Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Si (Change mode in Settings screen)

• Practice only specific notes (tap the gears icon to enter the Settings screen where you can disable all but the specific notes you want to practice).

This app has slightly different functionality for portrait orientation vs. landscape orientation. To switch orientations: 1) make sure you have orientation lock off, then 2) launch the app in portrait mode, then rotate your device to landscape mode. If it's not rotating for you, try toggling your lock orientation setting and try again. If you need help, contact us.