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The Final Battle: Planet Earth Heroes

iPhone / iPad
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  • Adventure
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After the supernova of a distant star, the solar system Wasporioto, 1000 light years from planet earth, was destroyed completely. The alien species living there were already left to find a new place which they can call home. They have now entered into our solar system and have their ships landed on Saturn's moon Titan. They found earth as a suitable place to live and they ordered humans to leave the planet earth so that they can live freely. Humans purposed to live together peacefully instead fighting but they rejected the favor. As a final resort, humans sent their best fighter to fight to save Planet Earth. It is time for you to be a hero and save our mother Planet from alien invaders.

Game Details

Take part in an epic battle between the Humans and the Aliens in this brand new Shooter.

Use your plane to destroy the Alien ships and secure your way to victory. Battle a variety of different Alien ships, including boss battles. Gain new power-ups along the way or use your acquired coins to purchase new planes. Challenge your friends using your skills with the in-game leaderboard.


* Unique gameplay
* Different variety of boss battles
* 10 different kinds of planes, each with their own distinct advantage
* Different kind of power-ups, including Shied, Blast and Double Fire
* Gain coins by playing the game and use these coins to unlock new power-ups and

* In-app purchases of coins to buy power-ups and planes
* Leaderboard allows you to challenge your friends with your high score

How to play:

* Swipe left or right to control your plane
* Tap to execute the special power of a particular plane (if unlocked)