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Animals in Prehistorical Time

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Billions of years ago, the Earth we are living now was a monster-filled wasteland.
How did the whale, who can swim and walk, became one of the most powerful creature of the ocean?
How did the saber-toothed tiger start bloody wars and get food in the forest and on the grassland?
The animal tyrants in that time are much more ferocious beyond our imagination. Many of them were hardly known to us, like anomodon, thrinaxodon, tasmanian wolf, megatherium, platybelodon, basilosaurus, dinosaur, paraceratherium, etc. These animals have strange names, behind these strange names are weird-looking or weird-behavior and ferocious animals.
The finding of these animals always shocks human being!

This app collects the research results and archaeological stories of the archaeologists. Moreover, it also combines the knowledge on geology, stratigraphy, anatomy, evolutionary biology, etc. The prehistorical world will be reappeared before your eyes in this app!
With the form of story telling and shocking pictures, you will enjoy yourself in the world of prehistorical animals!

【Characteristics of the app】

Dozens animation effects
Hundreds of exquisite pictures
Interactive background design
Three-dimensional reading experience

【Customer reviews】

The pictures are clear and attractive. Kids could enjoy themselves even though they couldn’t understand the words.
--- Robin
I downloaded this app for my son. And I am also attracted by it when we read together.
--- George
It reveals the mysterious prehistorical world for us. I could even see the evolution of life.
--- Hiram

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