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Spelling Race: Hot Cars, Fast Fairies & Fairy Tale Dash HD

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Spellers start your engines! Can your WORD POWER win the race? Welcome to one of the fastest SPELLING GAMES around. It’s simple to play… but you have to be quick on the keys. 3 fun themes, HOT CARS, FAST FAIRIES & FAIRY TALE DASH, plus 2 SPEED LEVELS.

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***The Times Tables Version in this series was AWARDED 91/100 by
This is what they said: “What we liked: the concept. 3 scenes. Humor and fun factor. Narration/spoken instructions. Good for fun times tables practice. Overall quality of the app.” Get the full review here:

Check out the full ‘Racer’ series here: See it in the ‘Best Educational Apps and Games’ video demo here: (from 3’19”)

SPELL as many WORDS as you can (as quickly as you can) with the letters available to help your racer win the race. The more letters you use to spell each word, the faster you will move. Longer words = more power! Spell 4 words in a row correctly, and you’ll get an extra POWER BOOST. The winner is the first racer to cross the finish line.


FAST FAIRIES: Which fairy will race for you? Pearl Petal, Rosy Red Socks, Spring Sparkle or Lucky Star?
HOT CARS: Will you be Blue Blazer, Golden Glow, Red Rocket or Pink Power?
FAIRY TALE DASH: Choose from Little Red Riding Hood (My what a fast car she has!), Pinocchio (Will he win by a nose?), Goldilocks (Will it be 'Just right!' for her?) or The Gingerbread Man (Crumbs! He's fast!)

TWO LEVELS to play:

Easy = It’s a bit slower and perfect for younger players or non-native speakers of English
Hard = Great for players who can spell quicker and make longer words. Much faster too!

CHECK your answers after you race!

You can check all the words you made at the end and check any mistakes you may have made. Great for EXTRA SPELLING PRACTICE.


You CAN only use words with 3 letters or more. No real names, countries, contractions or anything that needs capital letters.

You CAN’T use the same word twice in the same game.

You CAN use a letter more than once.

You CAN check all your answers on the result page.

You CAN change your letters whenever you want.

At CEO, we know there are many different strategies to learning and teaching English/literacy, and this fun, engaging app can form one fun part of your approach. It is designed to be used over time; as your child’s/class’s English abilities develops, the app will still be able to test and teach.

Developed by award-winning online & mobile education specialists, Cambridge English Online Ltd, with 10 years’ experience creating fun, online and mobile resources, Spelling Race: Hot Cars, Fast Fairies & Fairy Tale Dash HD has been tested and reviewed by teaching professionals, parents and children, and aims to support National/Core Curriculum guidelines on teaching and learning English spelling/developing literacy.

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***Please email with any comments, questions or suggestions.