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Luck with biorhythm

iPhone / iPad
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It is the application that can check your biorhythm and test of luck every day.
I check one's condition definitely, and let's prepare for everyday life.
 Two setting is necessary. It is a nickname and a birthday.
 A setting window is displayed first only in the first time.
 I input a nickname, and, please choose a birthday.
 A screen is replaced when I register.
 I can change setting anytime.
 On the birthday, it is necessary for biorhythm. Please input definitely.
2.Biorhythm and test of luck
  To a main screen, biorhythm of the day and nine face marks are displayed.
  Three numerical value that the biorhythm becomes the element is displayed.
  As for the plus, the minus expresses the low standard period numerical value for the favorable condition period.
  0 and the intersection are attention days numerical value.
  I display an attention mark on an attention day and promote warning.
  Please check it every day.
 ②Test of luck
  The test of luck competes whether you are hit more with 1/27.
  Please challenge a game every day. The rule is simple.
  Please choose one among three faces.
  I move to the next step when I choose "the hit".
  "A tearful face" is displayed when I choose "the loser" and moves to the next game.
  Each probability becomes 1/3,1/9,1/27 every step. 
  I repeat these 18 times of games. I assume a total score a score of the day.
  Probability to be hit with 1/27 by by 18 times of challenges from probability is approximately 50%.
  The luck may be the favorable condition period if hit with a lot of 1/27.
 I choose biorhythm among a main screen by an optional menu.
 In the upper part, anteroposterior biorhythm of 2 weeks is displayed.
 In the bottom, anteroposterior 2-week luck (game score) is displayed.
 I may know your favorable condition period by comparing two graphs.
 An attention day is displayed on the right side.
 "<<<", ">>>With a "button, it can travel the period.
 I choose ranking among a main screen by an optional menu.
 During the past 24 hours, I can confirm whether luck (game score) is high.
 Because I prepare for WEB ranking page, I can cooperate to a friend.
 The share is possible in Twitter, too.
 Please tell a friend with a choice of a share from an optional menu by all means.