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TextFileXpander for iOS

iPhone / iPad
  • Utilities
  • Productivity
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TextFileXpander is a simple application using plain text files.
Easy to paste your fixed phrase to the Pasteboard.
Memorize your lines in the Memorizable View.
Launch your default application for text/plain when you long tap a file name.
Magic words provides for cooperation with an external application.
Share with your Mac, Windows and iOS devices using Dropbox or Google Drive.

[sample text file]
-------------------- Marker
marker: Normal marker.
marker:strong: Strong marker.
marker:weak: Weak marker.

-------------------- to Clipboard
How are you doing?
I'd better get going, see you!

-------------------- to Google Finance
currency: from:USD to:GBP
currency: from:USD to:EUR

-------------------- to Dictionary
dict: belly
dict: tummies
dict: abdomen

-------------------- to Google Search
flight: AA175
flight: BC307

-------------------- to Email Client
mailto: aaa@bbb.ccc
mailto: ddd@eee.fff,ggg@hhh.iii

-------------------- to Google Maps
map: kagoshima, japan
route: from: tokyo, japan to: nagoya, japan
route: from: here to: kyoto, japan

-------------------- to Foursquare
near: Clearwater, Florida
near: kirishima kagoshima, Japan

-------------------- to Contacts (N/A)
people: Grandma
people: Grand Grandpa

-------------------- to
recipe: salmon
recipe: beef

-------------------- to Phone
tel: 000-999
tel: 999-000

-------------------- to Twitter
twitter: Morning!
twitter: Night!

-------------------- to Browser

-------------------- to
weather: Chicago, IL
weather: Kagoshima, Japan

-------------------- to YouTube
youtube: Kristin Chenoweth
youtube: Idina Menzel