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HERO Keyboard: Custom One-Handed Keypad, Swipe to Type Fast

iPhone / iPad
  • Utilities
  • Productivity
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**Note: The much-improved HERO version 2.0 is coming out soon, but its pricing will change to a subscription model (with a free trial). So I've made version 1.5 free so no one ends up paying twice, which would not be cool! Feel free to try v1.5, and keep it installed so you'll automatically get v2.0 when it comes out. Also, v1.5 has a known bug with flicker on iPads running iOS 9.3.**

Save time and effort with HERO: the world's most efficient keyboard. The patent-pending design reduces finger travel by 30% by centering the most-used keys and placing common letter combos next to each other.

You can swipe across adjacent letters for even faster entry, and the main view always includes a comma, period, !, ?, #, & and @ for quick access, while the Number view has a convenient keypad layout.

So don't get stuck using the QWERTY key layout designed for a typewriter in 1873! Save your thumbs with a smarter, cooler, HEROer keyboard.

HERO requires iOS 8 and includes:
- English support only for now (sorry! Join our email list at for updates)
- Portrait and landscape modes
- Extended characters (tap and hold to display)
- Number display in keypad format
- Gray, black and white themes (requires Full Access to be on)

Future plans include an Auto-Complete bar, full drag-to-type, improved Auto-Correct, additional languages, and more themes.

Note that when any third-party keyboard is installed and "Full Access" is turned on, Apple displays an alert that the keyboard can record all your keystrokes, including credit card data, etc. However, HERO Keyboard *does not* record, save, store, or transmit your keystrokes. If you prefer, you can use HERO Keyboard with Full Access turned off, and the only functionality you'll lose is the ability change the keyboard theme color.