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Harness-B real world production automation software works as a companion app to Basecamp project management system. It allows you to channel multiple communications streams from clients (tasks, messages, files, emails, empty todo lists) into a single queue. Queued requests can be turned into actionable tasks and assigned to specific operators based on auto-suggested operator availability and matching skill level. As tasks are categorized and tracked from inception to completion, historical data is collected and used as business intelligence for future tasks to estimate task completion and operator workload.

In List view, managers have tools for continuously monitoring task progress, setting task priorities for each operator and various flags that indicate production issues such as extensive communication, spent time exceeding allocated task time, and tasks being worked on out of order. Multiple filters are used to quickly identify and address potential issues, such as communications requiring client response or missing feedback from client.

Project time is continuously evaluated against budgeted time, with push notifications to multiple stakeholders generated as project approaches and exceeds initial estimates. Projects can be tracked as fixed or monthly cycles, with option to place a project on hold with all tasks becoming unavailable for operators to access.

Timeline screen provides both bird eye view of team's project load and sequence of actionable tasks for each operator, with ability to quickly redirect tasks and reorder tasks based on operator availability and task urgency. Task priority is set automatically depending on originator, inherited project priority and place in queue, with optional manual override.

Team Schedule view shows available team resources, with options to define various types of days off, make operator-specific notations and track operator performance with total daily time vs. planned time. Detailed daily time report can be accessed for each operator with a single click as is developer skills grid that sets operator's expertise for various types of work performed by the firm.