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Percentages 2 - Percentage Calculator

iPhone / iPad
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Percentages are used all of the time, whether it's at school, work, whilst shopping, eating out or running your business. If you deal with percentages in any way then Percentages 2 will make your life a whole lot easier. Percentages 2 is a tool which allows you to make percent related calculations instantly and effortlessly by simply entering two values.

Based on the popular Percentages v1 app, Percentages 2 has been completely redesigned for iOS 7 and iOS 8 and has been optimised for use on iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Percentages is a universal app working on both the iPhone and iPad.

Percentages 2 offers three views:

• Individual calculators (choose which percentage calculator to use)
• Percent changed (all variations comparing two numbers)
• Percent of (all variations showing a percent of a value)


1. Find the percent of a number
Use this option to find the percentage of a value. For example, what is 17.5% of 199.99? Answer is 35

2. Find the percent of a part value
For example, what percentage is 55 of 200? Answer = 27.50%

3. Find the percentage change from one value to another
For example, If an item originally cost 19.99 and now costs 17.99, by what percent has the price changed? Answer = 10.01%

4. Calculate the value that y% is of value x
For example, 245 if 15% of what value? Answer = 1633.33

5. Increase a number by a percentage
For example, what is 239 + 7%? Answer = 255.73

6. Decrease a number by a percentage
For example, what is 47.00 less 15%? Answer = 39.95

7. Calculate the original value after a percentage was deducted
For example, If you have an item that costs 140.00 and this was after a 30% deduction, what was the original price before the deduction? Answer = 200.00

8. Calculate the original value after a percentage was added
For example, If an item costs 19.99 including tax at 17.5%, what does the item cost excluding tax? Answer = 17.01

9. Show the difference between two values as a percentage
For example, juice costs 4.00 in one shop and 6.00 in another. The percentage difference between the two shops is 40%


Enter two values and Percentages 2 will instantly show you all the possible comparisons using these numbers.


Enter a value and a percentage and our app will show you all the possible comparisons.


- Large easy to see numbers
- Remember last calculation used
- Remember values entered
- Currency mode
- Large numeric only keypad (less prone to miss types)
- Clear and easy explanation of the answer
- Show formula (Clearly explains how the calculation was made and the formula used)
- In app help and support available by pressing the help icon on the tab bar
- Reverse inputs (swaps the input values around)
- User definable number of decimal places
- International Number formatting
- Sharp Retina display graphics
- Copy answers, formula and explanation for use in other apps


- Additional language support including French and German


If you think that this app is anything less than five stars we would like to know about it. Have you found a problem or do you think it could do something better? If so, please tell us and we will do our very best to help you out. Simply use the contact support option on the help tab or contact us through the app store. We cannot reply to comments left in reviews.