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Patientze is a highly configurable, database-driven, interactive training app that focuses your field force on the basics of all pharmaceutical selling: who is the right patient for the product and what data must I know?

• 100% bespoke to strategy
• Offers real time feedback on usage, adherence to strategy & areas of potential concern
• Deployable in multiple languages
• Customisable to reflect multiple local level regulatory issues
• Immediately adjustable to test changes to strategy (eg changes to label)

Patientze is designed for the multilayer pharmaceutical field-force environment where 'time off road' and other cost-consciousness issues limit the influence of global, regional and local marketers.

Patientze provides a throughline that ensures a thorough comprehension of marketing strategy via easy and ongoing feedback loops delivered directly to the student’s iPad.

Patientze is designed to work with your team in order to build a high-engagement training app that challenges the salesperson with a bespoke array of questions covering scientific knowledge, product strategy, disease awareness and competing therapies.

The tool is delivered directly to the salesperson's iPad for immediate use. Aggregated results are available in realtime on a bespoke dashboard; Patientze will show you the reports you need to see.