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‘tumTree’ is a location-based SNS that you can publish Posts or chat with other users on the map.

1. Posts on the map
- You can upload pictures with comments about restaurants, travel destinations or even the moments of your own daily life on the map you locate.
You can edit your Posts and share them with other users who need any useful information.
- Go anywhere with ‘tumTree’? If you want to travel or visit certain places, you just move to the places on the map and find out all informations that previous visitors have posted with only one tap. No need to search every search engines or blogs on the internet.

2. Chat invite
- If you want to chat with friends in special places, where can be a private spot or anywhere on Earth, move your pin to the place first and then invite friends you want to chat with there. For example, you invite your friends to a stadium to cheer for your favorite sport team.

3. Chat Messages disappear
- Communicate with users on TumTree, such as Questions about places to visit, questions about daily life, complaint and so on.
- Chat messages are not stored. They automatically disappear after a few seconds.

4. Classifying your Posts
- Classifying your Posts under proper categories makes you and other users to find easy and right search anytime.

5. Tip
- Pin Colors : Me=Orange, Friend=Green, Follower=Purple, Ordinary User=Blue, Exception User(mute)=Gray
- ‘My Pin’ is always located in the center of the map.
- To browse user Posts, tap ‘Post’ on Home
- After tapping ‘My Pin’, it shows ‘Chat Invite and ‘Posting’ icons.
- Tracking Mode : My current location is updated through ‘Tracking’ Icon
- Post Category Selection : To choose favorite categories, tap ‘Post Categories’ < ‘Search’ icon on Home
- Chat Invite : To invite friends to chat, tap ‘My Pin’ then do ‘Chat invite’ icon or ‘Chat invite’ on Friends List < Manage friends < Menu.
- My Posts Edit : To edit my Posts, tap ‘My Posts’ on Menu
- Numbers showing on ‘Pins’ mean map scale.
- To browse user profile, tap user ‘Pin’ on map.
- Reporting : Malicious Posts can be reported through ‘Report’ icon.

‘tumTree’ does not store user location information. It is stored in temporary memory while the App is in use, and automatically deleted when you exit the App.
‘tumTree’ is an anonymous-based service, and we expect you to mind your internet manners all the time.