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The first intercultural meditation app.

Discover 8 powerful meditations from various traditions:

1. How to find deep, regenerative sleep and activate the power of self healing.
2. How to break free from restricting, limiting beliefs and fears.
3. How to develop compassion by moving into your heart wisdom.
4. How to expand you consciousness and relax deeply
5. How to activate your natural joy center in your brain.
6. How to use the power of your mind to manifest your goals and unlock your potential
7. How to better use your intuition to become more creative in your life.
8. How to access deep stillness and create a center of gravity in times of stress and insecurity.

Finding inner peace, silencing the noise in our head and unlocking our potential.
Our head can accumulate a huge amount of spam just like a computer.
Sometimes, this mental garbage occupies more space than the really important things.

To deal with the noise, the Silence Finder team has created an app, which not only leads to a state of complete stillness and serenity, but among other features also supports a calm and restful sleep.
Ralph Wilms, psychologist and meditation teacher, has assembled the most effective techniques of 30 years of experience with different spiritual Asian traditions and Western neurological research in Silence Finder.
From this he has derived eight issue-specific meditations which are free of any religious dogma and divided into four areas: happiness, freedom, wisdom and silence. In the first release of the app the meditations are offered in German and English, more languages are due to follow as soon as possible. Silence Finder captivates through its lovely and intuitive design which makes the app easy to handle. The company behind the app wants to grow further to offer more languages and meditations and to expand the app globally


The eight meditations open up an easy way to the field of unlimited possibilities. Becoming free of old patterns and limiting thoughts -freedom meditations- the conjunction to our intuition and inner guidance is strengthened -wisdom-meditations-.

For that reason, it is worth giving a meditation with Silence Finder a try. But the true value of the app reaches a lot farther: With Silence Finder people explore themselves, their potential and the world in a completely new way – spiritually, emotionally, intellectually,and energetically.