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ChromaExplorer - Color Vision and Colorblindness Simulator and Aid

iPhone / iPad
  • Education
  • Medical
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ChromaExplorer is an app for exploring color vision and color blindness. It operates both as a tool for demonstrating color blindness to persons with normal color vision, and as an aid for persons with color blindness.

In Demo mode, ChromaExplorer simulates the three common types of color blindness – Protanopia, Deuteranopia, and Tritanopia -- as well as monochromatic (colorless) vision. The input to the simulation is either video from the device’s camera or color-pattern test images.

In Aid mode, ChromaExplorer transforms images so that persons with any of the three types of color blindness can distinguish colors that they ordinarily cannot. Again, the images are either live video from the device’s camera or color-test images. With video input the color in a center target area of the image is identified for the color-blind user.

Note: The included tests for color vision deficiency are for demonstration purposes only and should not be used to make a diagnosis. Colors may not display correctly on different devices and color vision tests must be performed in a controlled setting. See a professional health care provider if you have or suspect any problems with your vision.

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