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This is a word game(4*4) in which players attempt to find words in sequences of adjacent letters.The goal of players is to find as many words as they can within the grid. To find a word, start at a board position, and travel to any adjacent letter (including diagonally), adding that letter to your word fragment. Once a board position has been used, it can be used again in the same word.

A player searches for words that can be constructed from the letters of sequentially adjacent cubes, where "adjacent" cubes are those horizontally, vertically, and diagonally neighboring. Words must be at least two letters long, may include singular and plural (or other derived forms) separately.You can use the same letter more than once per word.After few minutes have elapsed, the game enters the scoring phase.
One cube is printed with "Qu." This is because Q is nearly always followed by U in English words, and if there were a Q in Boggle, it would be challenging to use if a U did not, by chance, appear next to it. For the purposes of scoring Qu counts as one letter
The dictionary used in the game includes all variant forms of words up to fifteen letters in length.

Words of less than 2 letters do not count. Each letter is of 1 point. So,more number of words in a chain means more score.

1) Solve button: It solves the board automatically. So,you can view the possible words that can be formed.
2) Edit button: You can edit the present board and change the letters according to your needs.
3) Random button: It generates random boards which can be further edited or can be solved.
4) Share button: You can share your score with your friends on Facebook and Twitter or via message or mail.
5) Has cool background music and sound effects.
6) You can turn on/off game's background music and sound effects anytime.

7) View the high scores from the main screen

8) It enables saving last 10 game scores (Player's name and score).

9) View game summary after each game.