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Funning is a video contents platform for people who want to make dream come true and who want to support those dreams.

How to enjoy Funning (For fans)

1. Follow your favorite pop stars, artist, musician, celebrities, cute girls, and enjoy the video updates. You will see those latest videos on your timeline.

2. When you want to support someone you are following, you can support that person by giving one or more points to enjoy the contents after preview part. This support will contribute to rank up the supported person so that they can get more attention on Funning.

3. Once you support, you can unlimitedly watch the full version of the video.

4. Those people who supported on their video will make a profit proportionally to the amount of the support points.

5. When you support someone, then he/ she will get a notification that you just supported. Therefore, you can get acknowledged by those people as you support more. They can check how many point you are supporting in their profile page, so it is clear for them if you are loyal supporter. .

5. It is also possible to send a direct video message, so you may get thank you message by the supported person, which is just made for you!

6. Of course, not only by watching but also uploading, you can enjoy Funning. Please feel free to upload your own videos, and make a profit without any costs. You can get direct profit from the support point and not from advertisement, so it is more efficient way to make money!

How to enjoy Funning(For Pop idol, artist, performer)
1. Upload videos
You can upload any videos which can be entertaining for your fans, such as your performances, training, ordinary days, messages, comments, findings etc. Use your mobile device to record videos and instantly upload from the device in couple of minutes!

2. Invite fans
If you already have fans on other social media, let's invite them! As you have more audience, higher chance to get supported more. You lose nothing by inviting, and just get extra chances to make money and become famous!

3. Get supported
When fans watch your video once and give 10 support points, you will get paid $0.03. If you have 1,000 fans on funning, you have a chance to obtain $100 ~ 1,000 for each single video!

4. Send thank you message
It is probably good idea to send direct video message for those who always support you. In addition to public post, it is possible to send a private message directly to your fans. The message is totally personal, so fans will be very happy to get your thank you message. You can just say hi when you think you want to expand your fan demographics! Direct video message is very powerful tool to attract/ engage fans.

You can use everything for free except for purchasing the support points. Please feel free to enjoy those videos, and making profit!

This service is currently targeted for Japanese market. Anybody in the world can use our app to watch/ purchase videos; however, users need to have a bank account or be able to open the one in Japan in order to cash out revenue from their video contents.