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Speak the languages of the American Continent - english, french, spanish, portuguese, quechua, papiamento, guarani, creole, aymara, etc

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Speak the languages of the American Continent, by Henri Goursau

This is an application to get introduced to and discover the 35 languages in use on the American continent from Greenland to Cape Horn including the Caribbean.

All the variants and nuances of Spanish are included. Thus, the translations into Spanish correspond precisely to the language spoken in each country of Central and South America.

Thanks to this application, tourists, business people and students, will be able to exchange and use simple sentences on a daily basis. This will facilitate their trips to the various countries of America.

This application includes 200 sentences and phrases that are quite useful to stay out of trouble and deal with difficult situations in America. It also includes 200 key sentences to communicate, exchange, address people and engage in conversation, get understood, ask questions and request information in the local language.

It is now up to you to make the best of this application to communicate efficiently and accurately on the American continent. You can also compare these languages between them to define their differences.

List of languages:

English, Aymara, Guadeloupian Creole, Guyanese Creole, Haitian Creole, Martinican Creole, Argentinean Spanish, Bolivian Spanish, Chilean Spanish, Colombian Spanish, Costa Rican Spanish, Cuban Spanish, Dominican Republic Spanish, Ecuadorian Spanish, Guatemalan Spanish, Honduran Spanish, Mexican Spanish, Nicaraguan Spanish, Panamanian Spanish, Paraguayan Spanish, Peruvian Spanish, Puerto Rican Spanish, El Salvadorian Spanish, Uruguayan Spanish, Venezuelan Spanish, French, Greenlandic, Guarani, Dutch, Papiamento (Aruba), Papiamento (Bonaire & Curaçao), Brazilian Portuguese, Bolivian Quechua, Peruvian Quechua, Ecuadorian Quichua.