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Checklist RIGOR is a Digital Checklist and Compliance tool that allows High Reliability Organizations to establish a checklist culture of procedural discipline and verifiable compliance. By applying RIGOR, procedures can be translated into aviation quality checklists that can be executed with NASA precision. The use of Notes, Cautions, and Warnings allows just-in-time hazard awareness and error reduction. As checklists are executed, checklist steps are time-stamped with who performed the action to provide accountability. Additionally, performance data, including users entered data, captured pictures, and time-to-complete, are tracked and stored as part of every checklist record. With a subscription to Checklist RIGOR, organizations can access an enterprise dashboard that tracks checklist compliance across multiple sites and regions. RIGOR provides all of the resources required to do the job right the first time – every time, making checklists the key to increased safety, efficiency, and reliability in your precision operations. Visit for additional information.

NOTE: Checklist RIGOR is ONLY OPERATIONAL when used in conjunction with Check-6 Checklist Operations and user accounts administered by Check-6 Inc.. DO NOT DOWNLOAD APP PRIOR TO CONTACTING CHECK-6.