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Whispers - A Private Affair™

iPhone / iPad
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Whispers... those little nothings that are shared between you and your partner that are secret from the rest of the world... These little whispers help bind a couple together and create a private world just for the two of you. They bring a smile in the middle of a work day, and create anticipation of when the two of you will be together again.

Whispers is an app that gives you a secure, private space in which many types of secrets can be shared only between the two of you helping you connect even closer.

Most couples do want to connect happily, passionately, regularly and peacefully in every part of their relationship, from easy cooperation through the details of their days, to passionate love-making, sometimes gentle and sometimes wild and edgy - making their relationship a private affair!

The heart of Whispers is one-to-one private messaging. You can share text, photos, videos, and other types of secrets with each other - but no one else! All of these secrets can be saved in Memory Boxes to keep and look back on later as well!

Whispers also provides a great platform for a wonderful relationship building tool: A Private Affair™, the Erotic Game of Secrets, Plans and Promises for Couples. Designed by a couple who have devoted themselves to helping couples improve their relationships, A Private Affair™ is a game that is centered around 500 'cards'. Each card offers a question that builds interesting and intimate conversations of love, sharing secrets, scheming new plans together, and noting new promises to keep!

A Private Affair™ is now built right into Whispers with a new twist! In the Whispers version of the game each of you will provide a response to the card then each of you will see both responses at the same time. Whispers comes with a sample set of cards and the full set of 500 is available as an in-app purchase.

Whispers includes other fun features like starters to help you get conversations started and a point system to let you award each other points just for fun!

Whispers also includes themes to let you customize your chat room and each of your memory boxes. You can use these themes to give Whispers a look that you like or to set a mood for a conversation or a collection of memories.

Whispers - A Private Affair™ is a great way to spice up your relationship and bring you closer together!

- Messaging that is private, secure and encrypted.
- Directed messaging to just your partner - you'll never send something to the wrong person.
- A Private Affair™ cards (full set available as an in-app purchase)
- Memory Boxes for storing special items that you've shared with each other.
- Whisper Starters - exciting conversation starters that can help get communication going - updated regularly
- Points to give friendly competition to compliment each other for messages or something else...
- Push notifications for received messages
- Local security with PIN or fingerprint to keep your Whispers secret
- In-App Camera for taking special photos or videos
- Compatible with some graphic keyboards (like Bitmoji or GIF keyboard) - just paste into the text entry area to share
- Photo and Video files can be opened from other apps

Whispers is an app that is designed for couples in a long term relationship built on love and trust for each other.