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It's a fun and entertaining game, in which you must try to convert all numbers to: 1 (one) before time runs out, you must achieve a board with all number: 1’s (ones) and + (plus) signs

The game has 3 difficulty levels (Easy, Medium and Hard) in which each will add different difficulties (less playing time, and more plus signs). Also each difficulty level allows you to choose between 2 types of board (mode: 5x5 and mode: 7x7) to play on

How to play:
- You will have to move your tiles (numbers and + signs) in any of the 4 directions (Up, Down, Left and Right) one cell at a time (all tiles are moved at the same time)

- Every time you make a move, new numbers and + signs will appear, until the entire board is complete(except for some cells that will always remain empty)

- Every time a number: 1 touches any number greater than 1, then the other number will be decreased by 1. For example: if a number: 1 touches a number: 3, then the number 3 will become a number 2 and so on

- Every time a + sign touches any number greater than 1, then this number will be increased by 1. For example, if a + sign touches a number: 3, then the number: 3 will become a number: 4 and so on

- Therefore following this logic you must move the tiles (numbers and + signs) until you achieve a board full of number: 1’s (ones) and + (plus) signs