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*this app contains the download of sound source (free). we recommend the use in Japan. *please use with iPhone 4S or later device. healing music with 528Hz tuning. as music to produce a healing space. as a bedtime relaxation tool to ward off stress. 528-ORGATONIC RECORDS has established a new music genre called "sound treatment" the world of music healing. through healing music made by professional musicians using 528Hz tuning, we hope to repair damaged DNA, and promote frequencies of love, joy, trust and courage in your daily routine. ***** overview of app ***** 528Hz frequency was used in conjunction with the seven chakras of yoga, also one of the scales found in the gregorian chants of the roman empire,. in modern times this scale is now missing from recent music. now, bathed in a new limelight, not just only by the music industry, but has been attracting attention in the medical field. the first version 1.0, offers the menu below. -MEDICAL the recorded relaxation sound that is essential to healing space. sound that combines stimulus and comfort will guide you to the world of sound treatment. -528MUSIC the combination of various ethnic environmental sounds and 582music will relax & purify the mind. listening just before bedtime will lead you to a deep sleep whilst you journey around the world. -FORK the recorded sound of a tuning fork in solfegio scale used in gregorian chants. please use as a remedy when you feel a sudden stress. -PLAY you can try an experiment on the effects of the recorded 528Hz sounds. expose a glass of wine to sound treatment for about 10 minutes and compare it to an untreated a glass of wine (treated wine will have a mellow, smoother taste). for a good morning, Listen to sound treatment for activation of the brain.