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The person on the other end is talking nonstop jibber jabber and even though you lost interest in the conversation long ago you still wanna make the impression of listening?

No problem. Funlistener is helping you.

It pretends you are totally focused and part of the conversation when you’re actually not. Let’s be honest. You are somewhere else. Because it is more fun in your head.

Depending on the situation there are different response styles, three modes and a style recorder.

*** response styles ***
Whatever the conversation is about, different response styles offer you a great variety to contribute to the conversation. Just mark the favored response style you want to be played.

*** style recorder for your custom response styles ***
Now let’s get to something cool. The style recorder. It allows you to record your own response styles. This is awesome, because you can use your own styles in conversations. Be creative and let the fun begin. For recording more than one response style the response style recorder upgrade in-app is required.

*** simplemode / intellimode ***
The simplemode allows you to play a response style in fix time intervals along the conversation.

The intellimode is clever. It actually knows if a monolog is still going on or pauses. This mode activates when the counterpart starts talking and it does play response styles along the conversation in fix intervals. As mentioned before it recognizes a pause and plays a sound one-time. Also within intellimode you have the option to mark a sound file of your own created response styles as a „silence filler“. It will be played when the jibber jabber pauses. Furthermore you can adjust the time intervals.

*** playNow! ***
playNow! offers you full control of the conversation and allows you to play a sound whenever you feel it is necessary. It works in both modes, simplemode and intellimode and is a great way to interact. All the power to you!

More cool response styles and the style recorder with full function of recording as many styles as you want are available as in-apps.