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Daleel Lebnen

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Since Lebanese people are tourists in their own country and are always asking for information: who? Where
is the exact location? And always facing the same problem: lack of accurate information.
Therefore, the idea of launching “daleel lebnen” application came to fulfill Lebanese people needs.
“daleel lebnen” will introduce them to know each corner in their country in an efficient and effective way by
Simply downloading our application or by navigating our website

1. What is Daleel Lebnen?
“daleel lebnen” is an official guide that aims to cover all the industries and services all over the Lebanese
Territories. It is designated for each one of us for personal use or for business purpose. In other words, it’s for
all Lebanese individuals, tourists and companies.
It’s a platform where the user can easily search for what he needs (restaurants, banks, clothes, hospitals,
universities, hotels, rent a car, etc.) .The user can get accurate information such as the phone number, GPS for
the exact address, profile description, photos, etc.; besides,, the user can directly interact and communicate
with the client.
The mobile application is designed to be multifunctional and simple where you can search by category, by
product or by advanced search in one simple click.

“You Deserve To Be Found”

2. Why Daleel Lebnen is unique?
• “daleel lebnen” is Global: for all the Lebanese industries.
• By only downloading “daleel lebnen” application on your phone, there is no need to download other
applications because you have full access to all the required data.
• It’s not a regular listing; you can post all the information that he needs such as company logo, profile,
Full description about the products or services, photo albums, events, menus, prices, contact details,
addresses, etc.
• It’s the only application that has a GPS that guides you to the exact needed location.
• The GPS service will be followed by the nearby service
• Clients can directly interact and communicate with you by only using the push notification; you
Will receive a message, to which you can reply and archive.