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ezbds - your personal assistant for managing your diabetes

iPhone / iPad
  • Health & Fitness
  • Medical
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"@ezbds - best logging app for tracking & managing diabetes. Listens to feedback. Great app! Great people." - @diabetesproject
"I have my own personal assistant with @ezbds!!! The diabetes app game has been changed forever!!" - @CyclistDiabetic

ezbds: your pancreas, uncovered.

ezbds integrates with Health to automatically collect step counts and glucose readings.

You make about two dozen tiny decisions that hugely impact your health every day. ezbds makes sure that they're the right ones. Here's the deal: You spend less time looking at useless glucose charts and ezbds tells you the real story about what's going on in your body.
- When you walk into your favorite restaurant, ezbds reminds you what you ate there in the past, how you dosed, and what happened to your sugars afterwards. Fool me once... download ezbds and never be fooled again.
- When you vary your meds, ezbds tells you which dose actually works best for you. (Warning: ezbds is not suitable for those who prefer to maintain their health by guessing instead of actual statistical evidence)
- If your post-lunch numbers start trending up, ezbds alerts you, without you ever squinting at a page of numbers.
- Ever wondered if your glucose is actually lower on vacation? Higher when your stressed or even when you inject your insulin on your left side? Tag days and ezbds will automatically analyze everything for you and report the results. Backed up by real, honest-to-goodness science.

- Record everything on your terms. When you eat, record it then and there (or later if you'd like). When you check your glucose, record it at your leisure. ezbds puts it all together for you afterwards to show you the complete picture.
- Sit down at a new restaurant, ezbds brings up the menu for you.
- Eat a snack, ezbds lets you snap a picture of the barcode to pull in carbs.
- Record a low, ezbds prompts you to eat and easily enter carbs.
- Record a snack, meal, or glucose number, ezbds auto-calculates your meds.
- Not sure if your 116 is cause to celebrate or worry, ezbds keeps track of how much insulin is still active in your system and warns you if it may drive you too low.
- Use fitness or health trackers? ezbds integrates with them to give you the full picture of how exercise impacts your numbers.

You get it all for free for 90 days. After that, the advanced analytics, the stuff that feels like you're having a direct conversation with your own pancreas, requires a monthly fee so we can continue to pour our hearts and souls (and a healthy serving of our grey matter) into making this the easiest to use, smartest personal assistant you've ever had.

Oh, and we almost forgot to mention that everything syncs to our ultra-secure cloud where you can access your data if you're ever away from your phone. Get a new device? Just sign in and your data's back at your fingertips.

Make your diabetes easy-betes.