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School Bell Weather - Weather for Kids and Parents

iPhone / iPad
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"Mom, what will the weather be like when I need to get to school and what should I wear?"

School Bell Weather is a unique weather app for kids. How many times has your child asked you after getting out of bed in the morning, "What's the weather like? Do I need to wear a jacket to the bus stop?"

With School Bell Weather, you can set the time your child needs to get to the bus or start walking, riding or biking to school, and the app will show the forecast for that moment and display it next to current weather conditions.

Both fahrenheit and centigrade/celsius views are supported.

The weather cat, in addition, shows a sample of an appropriate outfit to wear at the time a child needs to go to school. If it's snowing, the weather cat wears a coat, hat, and mittens. If it's hot and sunny, he is shown wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Quick visuals make for an easy transition from bed to breakfast to out the door and on the way to school.

In addition, quick views of tomorrow's forecast, an hourly forecast, and the next five day's forecast add interest to the app and a good way to plan ahead.