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ICallU - let's talk on our favorite topics

iPhone / iPad
  • Social Networking
  • Lifestyle
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You love to talk to other persons, but your friends and relatives don't have time for you, right now? This «social network»-app gives you the possibility to choose a topic and a person you like to talk with on this topic. Finally, you don't need to tab on your smartphone, chatting the hard way. Just TALK like you used to directly with the other person. Just like in the old days.


Yes, social networks are so much fun. You can chat with others... as soon as they find time for it or wether they remember you wrote them, in the first place.

Did you notice? Since you have this so called SMARTPHONE, you hardly use it as a phone, anymore, right? The telephone-app on your phone isn't really the key feature. You rather use it to chat, type, swipe, scroll... But you actually don't use it as a phone anymore. We want to change that.

Talk to others.
With just a click.
Even with total strangers.
Wherever they are - anywhere on the world.
On topics both of you love to talk about.

Use the app to talk on the newest gossip on you favorite celebrities.
Use the app to talk to indigenous people of places you want to travel to.
Use the app to talk to native speaker to learn or practice a new language.
Use the app to talk about for favorite sports team and their victories.
Use the app to friend new friends.
Use the app to get insider tips for restaurants, hotels, bars and other locations.

This is direct. This is live. This is international.

Talk on the phone to total strangers and find new friends. Let your voice be your new chat-app.