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3D Entity AR

iPhone / iPad
  • Photo & Video
  • Entertainment
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The world's first, itunes store first, safe and secure. 3d entity ar grand debut, the real sci-fi blockbuster and picture post-production App, which is designed for a sci-fi blockbuster and picture post-production special camera software, very interesting and cool. Here augmented reality to 3D objects by adding them to the reality of the lens completely first. Then share photographs, 3D objects can be placed freely drag, rotate, zoom and replacement, in addition to the largest augmented reality features, you can customize any more is there any photographs or filming the scene import their favorite by any of the 3D objects placed drag, rotate, zoom, perfect to make your own surreal sci-fi blockbuster, and then take pictures to share, really cool and dazzle, hurry to make your own real interesting variety of surreal sci-fi large tracts of it! Open the camera and take pictures to share enhanced virtual reality, enjoy it, call it in front of your friends, show off your fun and interesting photos. It is a fusion of real 3D techniques to enhance virtual reality and other new technologies to achieve the perfect functional experience on mobile phones and tablet PCs, where you can forward to the prospect of future technologies, allowing you to see the future of 3D technology, augmented reality style . Even lets you take pictures process, nasty objects can use your favorite block any 3D objects, you do not need to carry cumbersome PS, the pictures are better not see any traces of PS, because this is the perfect combination of virtual and reality, there is no trace of PS, experts say, look,, UFO;)

Two technical innovation and integration, to give you an unprecedented experience on the phone to achieve a true augmented reality, 3D stereoscopic shooting and post photos to experience the full range production, placing 3D objects is very simple, take pictures and share. No dead-round 360 degrees freely enjoy a variety of interesting stereoscopic 3D objects and placing arbitrary drag, rotate, zoom. Very cool and interesting!
Enhanced virtual reality and take pictures to share, make your own sci-fi blockbuster shot and photo, really great.

Continuous innovation, the pursuit of perfection and perfection, in order to bring new and interesting technology experience interesting and useful APP, the concept of safe and secure, the perfect support for the latest iPhone6, iPhone6 ​​Plus models and ios8 system, 3d entity ar you deserve! More interesting features and experiences waiting for you to discover. If you feel good, please give me support, please share with all your friends and give me a comment! Thank you.

Please note: This is just a surreal perfect start, not the end. Next update will bring more features and interesting 3D parts, so stay tuned!