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Tone Tuning

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Wow! At least 40 instruments is available!
Now you can just use an app for tone tuning of the most popular Modern instruments and Ethnic Instruments!

==Modern Instrument Tone Tuning==

Electric Guitar
Electric Bass
Double Bass

==Ethnic Instrument Tone Tuning ==

Pipa 琵琶
Liuqin 柳琴
Sanxian 三弦
Daruan 大阮
Zhongruan 中阮
Guzheng(16 stringed,from 宫) 16弦筝(以宫音起)
Guzheng(16 stringed,from 徵)16弦筝(以徵音起)
Guzheng(21 stringed,from 宫)21弦筝(以宫音起)
Guzheng(21 stringed,from 徵)21弦筝(以徵音起)
Guqin 古琴(正调)
Guqin 古琴(慢角调)
Guqin 古琴(慢宫调)
Guqin 古琴(蕤宾调)
Guqin 古琴(清商调)
Gayageum(12 stringed) 12弦伽倻琴
Gayageum(13 stringed) 13弦伽倻琴
Rewapu 热瓦普
Tamboura(from D4) 冬不拉(内弦为D4)
Tamboura(from C4) 冬不拉(内弦为C4)
Zamunie 扎木聂
Single-stringd 独弦琴
Erhu 二胡
Gaohu(from A4) 高胡(内弦为A4)
Gaohu(from G4) 高胡(内弦为G4)
Zhonghu(from G3) 中胡(内弦为G3)
Zhonghu(from A3) 中胡(内弦为A3)
Yehu(from G3) 椰胡(内弦为G3)
Yehu(from C4) 椰胡(内弦为C4)
Dahu 大胡
Gehu 革胡(内弦、外弦)
Banhu 板胡(内弦、外弦)
Jinghu 京胡(内弦、外弦)
Zhuihu 坠胡(内弦、外弦)
Leihu(from E3)擂胡(内弦为E3)
Leihu(from D3)擂胡(内弦为D3)
Erxian 二弦(头弦)
Datong 大筒
Sihu 四胡
Mongol 马头琴
Maguhu 马骨胡
Aijieke 艾捷克

In the future, we will add more instrument for tone tuning.Hope we can help you when you enjoy playing music.