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Nametag App for your Live Photo Management

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Photo galleries of events without any names assigned to the pictures are dull and so 2002. But adding names to online pictures always caused a lot of manual work after the event.

The Nametag App provides the perfect solution for photographers who have to deliver people-pictures with names assigned to them. Just synchronize the attendee list of the event you get from the event organizer. An assistant to the photographer sets up to five nametags per picture on the fly when you are taking photographs at the event. This normally takes less time than than taking the picture itself.

People can easily be added, if no or an incomplete list was provided (takes a bit more time then). Our online gallery automatically creates the nametags on the pictures. The upload can be done via a WiFi-adapter in the camera or the conventional way via web-upload. The galleries can be easily integrated into your client's website by copy/pasting two lines of code into a page in his Content Management system.

With this system, you will have no fuss when adding names to pictures, no additional work after the event and no mistyped names any more.