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Sharemuch尚麻吉 – 新一代個人行動電視播放器,就是一個網路第四台,讓你/妳有源源不絕的即時新聞、音樂MV、動漫報導、遊戲介紹、搞笑短片、熱門電視劇等內容一起來成為點播VJ台主吧!

Sharemuch尚麻吉正是解決你『搜藏』影片、看影片、分享影片的『尚麻吉』! 除了每日更新精選分類之外(音樂、喜劇、遊戲、電視節目…),Sharemuch提供相當簡易的搜尋介面與『一鍵收藏』功能,讓你輕鬆地將零散影片變成你的收藏。同樣的一鍵操作就可以將該收藏Share 給你的Facebook麻吉。你的Facebook朋友就可以透過Sharemuch的追蹤功能,即時收到最新收藏通知;他們也可透過Sharemuch WiKi-like的共同編輯功能,讓你的收藏持續更新。

趕快加入我們的臉書粉絲團,讓VJ與好友們跟你/妳一起享音(最新音樂MV, 演唱會), 悅影(娛樂潮流, 有趣影
音,熱門新鮮事), 尚麻吉!!!

========== English Description ==========

Sharemuch is a cool social video App on which you can watch and share all sorts of hot and funny videos, animations, MV (Music Video), game videos, dramas … etc. Come install and be our VJ! We know you’ll have so much to share with your friends.

You could easily Search, Watch, Collect and Share videos via Sharemuch:

- Search / Watch: Sharemuch daily selects the hottest and the most watched videos in different categories (e.g. Music, Comedy, Game, TV series …), so you could easily find the videos you or your friends like. You could also search specific video via the search button.

- Collect / Share: Collecting and sharing video could be as easy as just “Click-and-drag”! Your friends could help you keep updating your video collections via the “Notification” function.

It’s always cool to share videos with friends, and Sharemuch makes it even easier that no others could do. By logging in via your Facebook account, Sharemuch automatically connects you with your Facebook friends who are also Sharemuch users. Then, you could share your video collections with friends in Sharemuch, or via Facebook or Line. You could import your friend’s collection to become yours, or even follow your friend’s collection so you’ll be notified once your friend update it.

To get the coolest video update, you’re highly invited to join our Facebook group at:

This App is originated from Taiwan. Most of the videos are Mandarin speaking or with Chinese subtitle.

========== 版權聲明 ==========
Sharemuch是一個符合 YouTube API 服務條款[1] 的影音播放器,依照使用者需求協助聯結相關YouTube影音網址。Sharemuch不是影片上傳與提供者,也不提供編輯或修改影片功能,所有相關圖片與影片的著作權為原創作人所擁有,Ufi Space則持有該軟體系統的著作權.

Sharemuch影音播放器皆遵照YouTube所提供的開放API介接,依據YouTube開發規範定義,不需要特殊授權即可使用YouTube API [2],其內容版權皆依YouTube 的 Content ID 系統維護著作權人權益 [3],若有未經合法授權的影片被上傳,權利人可以向 YouTube 提交版權下架通知 [4]。相關影音網站的規定說明如下:


All videos and audios are provided by YouTube, a public third-party media service provider. All trademarks and copyrights belong to its respective owners and are used here under the terms of Fair Use and the Digital Millennium Copyrights Act (DMCA) [5]. Since Sharemuch simply links to content on those services via Youtube’s 3rd Party Developer API, Sharemuch does not have any direct control of their content. If there is any content that may infringe upon anyone's copyrights, the following link can be used to report the content.