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WeProjectChart supports learners using the instructional strategy of KWL charting – but with a twist! Instead of the usual K, W, L – What do I know, What do I want to know, What have I learned – WeProjectChart asks students to use four panels/five lists KILEC: K – What do I know?, I – What do I need to Investigate?, L – What am I learning? + E – what is the evidence for what I am learning, C – What does it mean for the Challenge or Question?

Like WeKWL (and WeMap), WeProjectChart is collabrified! WeProjectChart supports two or more students working collaboratively – in real-time, synchronously – each on his or her own device, where the students may be co-located – in the same classroom, for example – or not co-located, each individual is at their home at the kitchen table, for example.

Please contact Elliot Soloway at if you are interested in using WeProjectChart – or WeKWL or WeMap – in your classroom.

weKWL Developers: Gurminder Singh, Zack Ulrich, and Brandon Knope
New weKWL UI: Christopher Harris