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Be the best parent you can be helps your kids be the best they can be.
“Live” your faith…and they will too!

The SOFT App

The SOFT App (Serving Others Forward Together) is an action tool that empowers you to start and maintain a serving habit, to routinely “live your faith”. The SOFT App also connects you and a group of 6-10 of friends - your “tribe” – to encourage and support each other in achieving your individual commitments.

The SOFT app is a seamless, easy-to-use tool designed to facilitate your commitment to serving and your collaboration with tribe members. You can:

• Post personal “serving” intentions.
• Form a fun tribe of 6-10 like-minded friends (often family or friends in your parish).
• Share experiences and encourage each other to stay on track.
• Utilize friendly reminders and helpful serving tips.
• Update and follow each other’s activity status.
• Reset and make a new “serving” commitments every couple of weeks.
• Access start-up templates and “How To” resources - everything you need to feel comfortable and be more effective in serving others.

The SOFT process is two-fold:

1. Commit to a routine of serving others – maybe 2 hours per week…in some way or manner, even with a friend if that makes you more comfortable. The goal is to develop a habit of serving and caring.

2. At your own pace, evolve to experience deeper connections with people. It is the one-on-one experience – simply getting to know someone, sharing time with them, and caring for them – that really makes a difference to them….and in you!

At the same time, you reach out to friends who share similar aspirations AND together create a 6-10 person tribe for encouragement and accountability. You know, it’s just human nature, when we commit to our peers - we’re much more likely to follow through. We are also a social people - our tribe helps us to be connected and to matter.

Who can benefit from this app:

Anyone who is committed to “serving” others. You make a real difference when you honor and respect someone with your time and attention. And serving makes us better mothers and fathers; sons and daughters. Caring and serving is contagious. People will reciprocate to others, and our actions will ripple far and wide!

Remember: There are hundreds of ways to reach out to someone – a cup of coffee and 15 minutes goes a long way. There is no right or wrong way to serve. We just need to act. God will do the rest. Why not start now. Download the SOFT app today and invite some friends. Also, share it with others…even if it’s not right for you today.