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The most authentic Bible Code app of its kind. Searches for acronyms (rashei tevot - ראשי תיבות), bacronyms (sofei tevot - סופי תיבות), gematria (גימטריה) and word permutations (צירופים). Ultra-fast and easy to use. Finds every combination of a word (up to over 40K). Translates results in 10 languages. Hebrew keyboard is required. Notarikon is the only Bible Code unanimously recognized by rabbinical authorities and scholars.

Search Engine

There are four types of queries you can perform on the server. Each one is a different type of Bible code. Queries consist of either Hebrew characters or numbers. Spaces and Latin characters are not allowed. Notarikon can search for results in the Pentateuch, Prophets and Writings.


An acronym is an abbreviation formed from the initial letters in a phrase. Words must be a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 8 letters long. This limitation applies to bacronyms and permutations as well.


A bacronym is an abbreviation formed from the final letters in a phrase. Notarikon will automatically convert final letters (i.e. ף, ץ) to standard letters (i.e. פ, צ) and vice-versa.


The gematria, or numerical value, of a word is formed by adding the sum of each letter's value. For example aleph (א) equals 1 and bet (ב) equals 2. ABA (אבא), or father in Hebrew, will then equal 1 + 2 + 1 = 4. Words entered must be a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 24 letters long. You can also enter numbers at any time and Notarikon will automatically search for numerical values.


You can also search for a word or any of its permutations. Permutations are strings of characters formed by mixing the letters of a word. Notarikon lets you automatically search up to 40,320 permutations of a single word. This is the main reason the amount of characters is limited.

Exact Match

Turning on exact match will increase speed and allow searching strings of up to 24 characters (instead of 8) in the entire Hebrew Bible (i.e. Pentateuch, Prophets and Writings all at once). Turning off exact match will allow searching for every combination of a word. Exact match is automatically disabled when searching for numerical values. Please note that in some cases, when words contain more than 6 letters and exact match is switched off, results can take up to 2 minutes to be displayed.


With close to 300 entries, presets are a great way to get acquainted with Notarikon. Tapping an item will automatically fill the search bar and start finding results based on the current settings.


There are currently 10 languages to choose from: Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Russian and Spanish. Tapping a result will display the translation in a new panel. You must be connected to the Internet to use Notarikon and have a Hebrew keyboard layout installed. Translation services rely on 3rd parties providers.

Sharing Results

The best part of Notarikon is finding new insights on your own and sharing them with friends, coworkers and family. Based on the apps installed on your device, Notarikon will display the options available to you when tapping the share icon (i.e. Mail, Message, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp).


Rabbi Yochanan said in Rabbi Yosi Ben Zimra's name: How do we know that Notarikon are recognized by the Torah? Because it is written (Genesis 17:5) "For AV (the father of) HaMON (a multitude of) nations have I made thee." (Babylonian Talmud - Shabbat 105a)

THE FATHER OF A MULTITUDE OF NATIONS: אַב הֲמוֹן is a Notarikon of his name [i.e. אב ר הם]. (Genesis Rabbah 46:7)

I HAVE ALSO PREVAILED: There are many Aggadic Midrashim that interpret this phrase with the method of Notarikon. (Rashi - Genesis 30:8)

The words of the Torah are written [as] Notarikon. They are explained by deriving the negative from the affirmative and the affirmative from the negative. (Rashi - Exodus 20:12)