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WeatherSignal - The Barometer for iPhone

iPhone / iPad
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WeatherSignal is a project to improve weather forecasting through a crowdsourced network of mobile phone sensors. Pressure readings are immensely important to weather forecasting, so by collecting readings from the iPhone we are helping to compile the world’s most detailed live-updating map of atmospheric conditions. The data you share with us is being used by atmospheric scientists worldwide to improve forecasting, and can be seen on our live weather map on and in this app. We believe networks of mobile phones can be one of the most important scientific tools of the future, so by participating you are helping to participate in a brand new scientific enterprise – and you get a barometer you can take with you everywhere!

For iPhone 6 and 6+ users: we turn your phone into a personal barometer! You will be able to see the current pressure, see pressure rising and falling as the weather changes and contribute data to our crowdsourced weather network. You'll be able to see nearby pressure readings from other WeatherSignal users and see your own on the maps in-app and on our website. Use WeatherSignal as your personal weather station, and help us to improve the way weather forecasting is done, by making use of smartphone pressure readings.

For iPod and iPhone 3, 4 & 5 users: your devices unfortunately do not contain barometers so you will be unable to take pressure readings. The app will, however, let you see the readings from other WeatherSignal devices around the world, allowing you to tap into the world's first iPhone weather network. Apple only added barometers to the iPhone range with the 6 and 6+, which is why we're only bringing WeatherSignal to iOS now!