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ACON Arabic Verb Conjugator

iPhone / iPad
  • Reference
  • Education
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Automated Arabic verb conjugator. Indispensable for students, teachers & professionals. ACON is the only true Arabic verb conjugator on the Appstore.

For almost a decade, nearly 200.000 students, teachers, linguists and translators have used ACON as their go-to reference for Arabic verb conjugation. The iOS version offers many more features, including audio pronunciations and more tenses and moods than the web-based version.

ACON's advanced vowel suggestion-system stops you from guessing what the perfect/imperfect vowel combinations are for type I (فعل) verbs. This intelligent vowel-suggestion system is based on the massive Lane's Lexicon, and contains information on over 4.000 roots.

ACON is NOT a dictionary, but it provides English translations for the most commonly used verbs.

ACON currently supports:
- All tri-literal roots
- Active and Passive voices
- Perfect, Imperfect tenses
- Indicative, Subjunctive, Jussive and Imperative moods
- Verb type I (فعل) to type X (استفعل)
- Easy to understand, emphatic pronunciation
- Library of Congress transliteration

It will conjugate:
- Regular roots
- Doubled roots (with shadda)
- Hamzated roots
- Assimilated roots (firs letter weak)
- Hollow roots (second letter weak)
- Weak-end roots (third letter weak)
- Exceptional verbs (e.g.: ليس, رأى, أرى)